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Miriam Logistika

The company specializes in logistics services in the shipment of dangerous goods in all modes of transport. The company has the operational capabilities to meet the needs of all clients and includes a wide range of services, including the transport of hazardous substances, packaging, documentation, consulting, training and expert advice. Our main task is to support shippers and shippers.


Miriam logistika is a family business with which it has been operating in the field of hazardous substances for 14 years.

In addition to the preparation of shipments, we also provide services:

  •     Dangerous Goods Coordinator
  •     ADR / RID safety advisor
  •     Transport of radioactive substances
  •     Transport of explosives
  •     Preparation of high-risk dangerous goods
  •     Training of shippers, forwarders and operators
  •     Sales of packing materials and labels

A professional and proven team is guarantee for the smooth transport of your shipment.

15 000+

completed shipments


years of experience